Do You Know Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

This morning around 10:45 I will take another test towards teacher certification. (My social studies emphasis test) I feel somewhat confident...there is just A LOT of information to know. Basically all of American History, World History, Economics, and Geography. Overall, it is a lot of random facts because it is not like math where you just have to know how to do something. Usually you remember how to do something once you do it multiple times, but reading that Nicolaus Copernicus began the Scientific revolution and argued that the Sun, not the Eath, was the center of the solar system....etc. is not always fresh in my mind. One name is easy but then you mix it in with Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei, and Issac Newtwon and suddenly you have no idea what made Copernicus so special. Perhaps writing about it here will help cement it into my mind with the other jumble of information. I think I will do well, I hope I do well. Done Deal? ha I hope so. I will end this post with an Enlightenment quote, "I Think, therefore I am". Thank you Rene Descartes for that wisdom.

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