Bed before 10:00....10:30 I mean.

Tonight after getting home around five I decided to give in to my sweatpants right away. I spent over 9 hours on campus today so I deserve sweatpants in the evening. It was also a malt'o'meal night as well. With toast of course. mmmm. My idea of comfort food I suppose. I spent a couple hours typing up tomorrow's lesson plan since my group is made up of procrastinators, ha. We are also meeting tomorrow morning before we go to the school to make sure we actually know what we are doing. A class of second graders can turn on you quick if you don't have anything planned.

But for tonight it was just me at my apartment pretending for a brief evening that the world is slowing down. I already feel more relaxed. God is good at reminding you what is worth worrying about, and what is not. ( I have discovered that most things are never worth worrying about)

I was craving a cup of tea tonight, but I don't have any at the moment. I must admit I did glance at the coffee pot for a second, but I quickly brushed that off as insanity. I need to sleep tonight. So a glass of cold water is sitting beside me instead.
A few more notes about my day...

FAIL: my attempt at calligraphy (granted it was about a 2 minute try)
SUCCESS: trying organic bananas that seem to taste better?! (Or is it all in my mind?)
FAIL: my attempt to go to bed at 10:00 (now my goal is 10:30)
SUCCESS: I acutally painted my nails. It has been months I do belive. A nice shocking red shade. It takes some getting used to.

Overall, a good night I have to say.

P.S. oh and I have to share that Ben and I began our apartment hunt and we found some great options. Now we just have to wait until April to actually know what is available. Patience may be hard to come by on this topic, but then again I don't think I will have too much spare time to be thinking on it. I informed Ben that we would be all the happier if I had a cute place to decorate ;)

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