The air is thick

The entire day I tried to remind myself how "wonderful" this current weather is when compared to the winter months. It is currently still 86 degrees outside...at 10pm. According to my weather station with the humidity it feels closer to 101 degrees. Now take this information and apply it to the middle of the day. Every time I stepped outdoors I was shocked at the drastic change. Thankfully our little air conditioner allowed for the apartment to be much cooler.

evening sunlight spilling through the curtains

projects being finished while watching sappy love movies

It was a lovely weekend, and I am sad to see it go. Tomorrow is supposed to be 92 degrees, and after factoring the humidity it may feel closer to 120 degrees. I am dreading spending more than a minute in our building at work. There are no windows that open and only two fans to blow around the sticky air. Needless to say we will probably convince the children to spend time outdoors where maybe we will be graced with a slight breeze.

Bring it on summer. 

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