An update in numbers


0: the number of photographs this weekend.

2: the number of times I flew off the tube (once due to my brother's purposeful flipping of the tube, and once due to my inability to hold on anymore so I simply told my fellow passengers, "I am letting go" and then I did

1: the number of times I got whiplash from the above.

30: the number of seconds it took me to fall asleep last night after spending all day on the lake.

3: the number of times I have reapplied aloe to my burnt shoulders

13: the number of pages I have read in my new book.

1: the number of hours until my husband will get home.

45: the number of minutes until I order a pizza for the husband to pick up. Late night pizzas qualify as a date night.

5: the number of times I have looked at my bag thinking, "I should really just unpack it."

0: the number of things I have unpacked

2: the number of fans attempting to cool down our apartment.

2. the number of braids in my hair

4: the number of green tomatoes on my plants.

3: the number of cups of coffee/iced coffee consumed today

45: the minutes I slept away during my afternoon nap.

3: the number of speedminton games I played yesterday

?: the number of fireworks booming across the sky (I've lost count)

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far...

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