Stella's Fish Cafe and Tornado Warnings

Back in April, after my sister's wedding, Ben and I went out to lunch with my parents at Stella's Fish Cafe in Minneapolis. I took a few photos of our lunch date but never posted them since they were on my point and shoot camera. (the battery was dead on my SLR after the wedding and I forgot to recharge it).

We had never been to this place before, but had wanted to try it out for awhile. We do not eat a lot of fish in our household besides the occasional broiled tilapia, so it was nice to have a chance to try new dishes. It was cooler and windy on the day we went so we sat indoors, but if you ever get the chance to go in the summer they have a beautiful roof seating area.

Ben always has a hard time not squinting when it is bright out.      I cheat: sunglasses.

In other news, a pretty nasty storm rolled in this morning around 4am. I am not sure what woke me up, perhaps the lightning show out our window but I was laying awake when my phone alerted me to a text. It was telling that there was a tornado warning for our county. I figured I should get out of bed to watch some weather, but I did this pretty unhappily since I had only fallen asleep around 1:30am anyway (hint: don't take long afternoon naps and then expect to fall asleep at 10pm) 

Sure enough there was a storm rolling over us. I watched the news for awhile and it looked like it was going to miss us but I figured I should stay up to be certain. At this point I woke Ben up and gave him a heads up so that if we did have to flee from a tornado he was somewhat aware. (This proved pointless because he didn't even remember me waking him up this first time when I asked him about it later)

It started to rain pretty hard and the news people were telling me that due to it being 4am and therefor still dark and would be almost impossible to "spot" a tornado until it has touched down. They also informed me that their "facebook friends were alerting them to any sightings". Great. Relying on their facebook friends...so comforting. At this point I woke Ben up and made him come sit out on our couch with me so that he was a little more coherent. At this point a powerful gust of wind (50-60mph gusts we later found out) blew our grill around out deck and then proceeded to tip it over. (I must admit I was more worried about the state of my plants then the grill) We decided to head down to the first floor at this point, and Ben called and woke up our friends on the 2nd floor and they joined us downstairs. We waited downstairs for about forty-five minutes while watching the radar in our workout room. Needless to say there was no tornado, but it was an adventurous night/morning. I didn't think I would be able to fall back asleep...but I did. 

I then woke up for work only to be called and told that our morning session was cancelled due to the weather. That is why I am able to writing this at 10:30 in the morning while sipping my coffee fresh from the french press.

P.S. In case you were wondering my plants are fine.

Oh and our grill survived too, there are a few pieces/doors that need reattachment but we decided to wait until it wasn't pouring to worry about that. 

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