Seattle Part 9: Olympic National Park

We spent an entire day on the paths of the Olympic National Park in Washington. It was amazing to be walking around in the forests. The trees were so tall it almost made me dizzy to look up while walking. The trees were thick with moss, and seemed to glow beneath the sunlight. It started to rain lightly towards the end of our hike, but we hardly noticed it under the canopy of trees that shielded us. At one point there was a sign giving us a few "tips" on avoiding problems with cougars. First, we were encouraged to make some noise while walking so as to not sneak up on a cougar. Also, if a cougar was spotted you were encouraged to pick up any small children. Needless to say this advice was not very comforting, but we never did see one. My camera lens began to fog up at one point during our hike so I was limited with taking a few photos.

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