Seattle Part 7: Back to the Wilderness

After we crossed over on the ferry the girls kindly demanded that we stop for coffee. The boys stated that "we will stop once we get further out" since there was going to be "traffic" off the ferry. Well the further out we got the more apparent it became that our chances of finding a coffee were dwindling. Fortunately for every one's happiness we soon happened across one of those one room drive up coffee huts at a gas station. Five minutes later with Mochas in hand we walked smiling back to the car (much to the relief of Ben and Zach I'm sure).

So here begins another trip on the road...

with coffee...

and later on some breakfast.

I realize it has been awhile since I've posted photos from our trip, and don't worry there are more to come. Some of my favorite are coming up next...


  1. Great pictures as always, Britta! Thanks for not putting up the one of me showing off my open zipper with no shame ;)

  2. haha no problem, I know you would do the same for me ;)

  3. Beautiful photos, Britta. And that breakfast one has my stomach rumbling... or maybe that's the thunder outside? Either way, yum!



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