I have homework I could be doing right now, but I haven't really done that much wedding planning this last month besides having our engagement pictures taken. This being said, I decided to take up a little of my Saturday afternoon with some wedding details. I change my mind on a weekly basis about flowers and other little details. Like I mentioned in an earler post, I love the red poppies, but I love the blues and greens as well. These pictures are all random boquets that I like different aspects of. Next week I will probably like something different. Which is why planning these types of things so early seems pointless. The more time I have to change my mind the more likely I will do it regularly. I am glad that at least all the major plans are confirmed....

1.) The ceremony and reception site

2.) Caterer

3.) Photographer

4.) DJ

5.) Groomsman and Bridesmaids

We still need to do a lot, but I am enjoying the planning. I love planning a small dinner party with friends so planning such a big event is great. I am forcing myself to be very organized througout the process. So far so good :)

I am trying to be very patient while waiting for our engagement photographs....They said it will take a couple weeks maybe. It will be one week tomorrow. So I wait. Meanwhile checking their blog everyday. Once I get those photos I can start with the Save the Dates. Which will require a lot of writing with all the addresses. I would like to get those sent out before Christmas. That used to seem so far away, but now it's really only two months. My roommate Sara is getting married on Novemeber 27th and that is coming up quick! I have loved being able to hear about her wedding plans. She has also been great for me to bounce ideas off of as well. It's a blessing to have a roommate going through the same process. I am so excited for her wedding and marriage, but I will also miss her dearly when she moves out. Ok well off to a lunch date with Ellie and Bekah! We are going to visit Ben @ work and then go find some pumpkins to carve. I will post the results!

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