Thursdays are so much better than Tuesdays. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty much identical. I have all my classes on these days. The thing is, Thursdays are so much more enjoyable because I know that the weekend is so close. As I sit in an hour long lecture I can think about what I need to get done over the weekend, how I can sleep in on Saturday, how nice it will be to go to church on Sunday with my friends, etc. And on Thursdays it doesn't even it matter if homework is assigned because it wouldn't be due until Tuesday anyway. That's a long time to procrastinate between Thursdays and Tuesdays. Well there is my try at being deep for the day, ha.

Lately I have loved looking at photographers' blogs. Most of them are across the country, but it is so interesting to see their work. I have been considering buying Photoshop. I realize that my work is far below that of professionals, but I think I would enjoy playing around with it. It's not too expensive, but it is more than I usually spend on an editing program.

On another note. I am searching for flowers for the wedding. I can't help but love these red poppies. But, my colors don't exactly include red. I had to post this picture anyway for some type of inspiration to get the same style but in our color scheme.I am so glad God made such beautiful things. Hmmmm...

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