Its been raining for most of the day, and most of my time was spent in the classroom. Now I'm free from listening for awhile to teachers talk. I'm thinking a nap is in order. What is better then a nice afternoon nap on a rainy day? The test went well today, when the question came up about what Contantinople is called today I had to laugh a little to myself. My academic week is done, just one more day of work to finish off the week. Then (sigh) it's the weekend. I plan on going to the family cabin this weekend to help take out the dock and boat lifts. Hopefully it won't be too cold, and I hope that I'm not the one in waders while standing in the cold lake. I am going to bring my Nikon with so hopefully I will be able to take some great fall shots. Weather cooperating of course. Either way it will be a cozy weekend curled up with my homework, camera, coffee, and scrapbooking stuff. I think we all need a weekend to make us slow down sometimes, but for now an afternoon nap will do.

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