Topics of Discussion (in my head)

Good Morning :)

Topic 1:The more and more I look at engagement pictures the more I realize that I want to wear a skirt or a dress for one of the outfits. The things is...it's not warm anymore. So, I would have to wear a more "fall'ish" dress/skirt...which I don't own many of. Hmmmm.....Maybe I will change my mind in a couple days but for now I would like to find a nice skirted option. It's difficult to find an outfit that I won't look back at in a year and be like "ugh, why?" haha. Oh well I guess that is bound to happen anyway. I usually just wake up and put something on, so to plan a single day's outfit this much is ridiculous!

Topic 2: For school I have to read a number of novels and textbooks. This has become very annoying for me because while I pour over books that I have no desire in, there are stacks of books waiting to be read on the bookshelf. Books that I actually want to read. School seems to take away all my ambition and free time to read for the enjoyment of it.

Topic 3: I have a few photographs to upload from this weekend. I am purposely holding myself back from putting them up however....because I will want to edit them etc, and before I know it I will have spent an hour on this blog instead of studying for my test today. Patience :)

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