To the Cities we go...for Pictures!

Going home to Ben's house this weekend. We are taking our engagement photos on Sunday! It should be fun, but interesting to be on the other side of the lense. I get so used to taking the pictures that I'm not sure how comfortable I am in front of the lense. Oh well :) Should be a good day. The weather is supposed to cooperate I believe! There is only one thing standing in our way. My left eye. It's pinkish...but according to the doctor, it is not pink-eye. I am trusting that he knows what he is talking about. This happened before on my birthday last year. (I guess my eyes like to rebel on non-ordinary days). I'm hoping some eye drops, cool rags, and a few days will bring it back to it's usually color. If not, hopefully the photographers have some good editing skills, haha. I'm not going to worry about it too much yet. Maybe it's just allergies or something. Worse case we can reschedule the photos and just enjoy the weekend with Ben's family. Well I better get to bed since working @ 6:45 is looming closer and closer. I have given up on getting eight hours of sleep on thursday nights. It just doesn't happen, so why force it?

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