A good weekend.

Monday morning is here again. Thankfully I got a good 7 hours of sleep so crawling out of bed wasn't too difficult. A recap on the past weekend....

FrIdAy: Ben Folds Concert! It was a fun night. I big group of us went which made it even more great. We finished up the night with some games at our place.

SaTuRdAy: Slept in......perfect. Then, went to lunch with Bekah and Ellie to visit Ben at work. He gave us free ice cream. Then we traveled to the thrift store and bought a random selection of books, christmas ornaments and glassware. Next we traveled to walmart to pick up pumkins for everyone to carve that night. I think we ended up buying 8 of them. We had to dig to the bottom of the bins to get the good ones with stem still intact. We also managed to buy a lot of food for the night. The menu included Pizza, Spinach and artichoke dip, pumpkin bars, candy corn, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Needless to say we didn't starve. We carved our pumpkins and then finished off the night with the movie "What Lies Beneath". Good stuff :)

Sunday: Went to church with everyone and then made our way to subway for lunch. Then a little cleaning, homework, and baking of banana bread before some girls games over for Women's Time.

Overall, it was a great weekend. I haven't been here for a full weekend in awhile. It's nice to stick around and relax. Now off to work!

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