43 days left on the Countdown

I don't know where the last few months have went. I realize that my last statement comes across as terrible cliche, but there truly is no other way to explain it. I tried to just get through the semester because then, the summer would slow down. Wrong. Ha.

I couldn't even tell you what I do with my time these days....most days are spent at work until about five or six and then I usually find myself running errands with my mom or completing some random wedding task. Last night I managed to do both of those things actually. I went with my parents to buy groceries for Jordan's graduation party, and I ordered 300 cupcakes for the wedding. Yes, 300. Should be enough, right? mmmm. (this explains the robot cupcakes in the image above...haha okay not quite since we are not having robot cupcakes at the wedding, but I just thought these were cute. It seems perfectly rational in my head you see)

It is gorgeous outside today and I wish I could be out enjoying it. I think it has rained almost everyday this last week, so I was definitely welcoming of some summer sun. For now, however, I must admire it through a window, but I am sure my mom will put me to work later this evening doing some landscaping chores. I will be able to enjoy it somewhat then.

Around my family's household you can always tell when there is a graduation that year because suddenly we decide to tackle twenty different projects around the house. Such as...painting the desk (still a work in progress), cleaning out the garage, weeding, new mulch, new flowers, weeding, painting the fence, weeding, and on top of that cleaning the entire interior of the house as well. Truthfully, I have missed out on a majority of these activities due to work, but I am sure that Saturday will be full of them since the party is on Sunday. On the menu for the occasion: Buffalo Wild Wings, Pizza, Sno Cones, Brownies, Pasta Salad, Taco Salad, and a few other random delicacies I'm sure. Needless to say I will not be going on a healthy eating kick this weekend. I have a feeling Ben is probably looking forward to the spread as well since he has been living off of sandwiches is frozen meals during the week.

Well for now I must get back to work. I am already preparing my "to-do" list for tomorrow. Which includes seeing my fiance once he hurries up and drives on over here :)

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