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Wow....didn't think I'd actually stick with this thing of mine. Unfortunately my reason for this post isn't that exciting...

tomorrow I take my last (hopefully) PRAXIS test.

ugh. UGHHH.

I really shouldn't complain since I haven't really studied that much. (which I may regret about a month from now)

But I will wake up tomorrow morning probably around 5:30 (whoop) and drive an hour to take it.

The thing is FOUR HOURS LONG.

I apologize for the complaining, but come on now. Ben is at my place for the weekend so he will simply sleep in and eat a nice breakfast with the family. Meanwhile my hand will be cramping up. haha ok it shouldn't be too bad. I feel fairly prepared. It is interesting how I think of all these things I wish I could be doing tonight instead of preparing for this test. Right now my family thinks I am studying but obviously I am taking a well desereved (ha) break.

Things to remember tomorrow:

My Garmin
Test ticket

For now though I am thinking my sweatpants and some orange tea are in order. Then maybe I will crack open my study book one last time.

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