Too Late.

Bah! Why am I still up? Better question...why am I writing here at midnight? One nasty word. Procrastination. And a small bit of realizing I am going to be tired anyway tomorrow so I might as well stay up later and get more things done. Ha.

I truly was productive today....after work...home depot...walmart...panera (mmmm). I came home and helped my mom plant some of her perennials she purchased and then addressed another batch of envelopes. My lovely maid of honor also helped by placing all the stamps on the envelopes and RSVP envelopes. Only a few random addresses to track down. The problem with college friends is that they seem to move with every season, summer especially.

But the invitations are coming along nicely if I do say so myself.

Now this is getting ridiculous...I need to get back to my list. Right now I am torn between packing my bags tomorrow morning or tonight. I know I should just get it done, but my bed looks so tempting. I also need to print off my ideas for flowers so I don't scare my florist tomorrow with my random bouts of inspiration. Organization. Ha.

Oh and getting a marriage license tomorrow if all goes as planned. Hmmmm. We will see.



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