Invitation time

The invitations came in the mail yesterday. They turned out great, and now comes the challenge of getting them sent out hopefully this week. Things are a little crazy this week and my brain has a hard time shutting off when it comes to going to sleep. Usually making a list before heading to bed gives my brain waves enough of a lull to slip off into a blissful night of sleep. On my list this week:

-Print maps for Invites
-Get a few last addresses
-Assmble Invites
-Address Invites
-Figure out what to do with flowers (meeting with the florist on Friday)
-Cake Testing on Saturday morning (why not have cake at 8:30am?)
-Bake something for Jess's graduation party on Saturday

I already feel better by typing the list out. Ha. But now I have to get off this blog and actually do something about the list. At the moment I am going to try and attempt a way to print out the return address on the envelopes, without ruining all my envelopes in the process. Wish me luck!

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