Good Morning Beautiful Friday

Hello Hello!

So I am currently a little under the weather...a little tickle in my throat and a bit stuffy but not even an annoying cold can get in the way of my Friday. I woke up this morning already ready for the weekend. It is not that I hate my weeks or anything because I truly am enjoying the classroom. I will just always love my weekends. Two days to relax and get things accomplished for myself. Unfortunately Ben will most likely start working on the weekends so that will be one downside, but I am hoping to get a lot of leseon planning done when he is working so that when he gets home we can be together and not worry about other things.

Did I mention that my coffee tastes aabsolutely delectible this morning. Because it does ;)

On another topic...I am not sure when I will get my new license with my new name. It is close to impossible to make it to the DMV before 4:30. I can't get my passport until I get my license, and I couldn't get my license until I got my ss card. After the license I can also do all the other changes with my college, bank, etc.

Ok enough of my scatter brained thoughts this morning. I have to get my mind and things together in the next fifteen minutes. I hope everyone has a wonderful friday. God is Good :)

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  1. Thanks for the congrats Brit! I like the new layout of the blog and hope you nip this cold in the bud/butt? I've never really know which it was...huh. Anyway happy weekend!



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