Leaves beneath our feet.

First off, we needed Coffee.... raspberry mochas to be exact.

Ben and I

The river was flowing swiftly with all the rain we have gotten recently

pumpkins for sale...but due to a lack of cash on hand we settled for a few of these little ones


The leaves that crunched beneath our feet.

A lovely fall day. The End.

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  1. Ahh cute!!!! I need to make Daddy go walk in the woods and smooch him on the cheek! But I do not have long arms like you for the pic,lol.
    I do not know how I got the weird follower name. How do I delete it? I have tried a few things but nope. Oh and thanks for "following" me. Was not going to make it public but oops must have pushed something wrong. Oh well. Sure do love you! Your pancake pictures made me hungry though! :P



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