Speaking of bicycles...

Today was a lovely day that began with sleeping in and spending some quality time with Ben. We had some delicious buttermilk pancakes (Ellie I owe you buttermilk since I used some of yours). Then we ran a few errands and did some shopping for Ben since he starts his new job on Monday. It kind of felt like we were going school shopping for him. Then a quick walmart run to get a few supplies for my sewing station...(I will post pics once it is finished). We then completed a few projects around the apartment such as hanging a few last pictures and organizing our garage. Before nightfall we also went on a nice bike ride (okay I may have complained a little since it was pretty chilly at this point in the day). Here is a picture of my much loved bicycle that I purchased last year. There is currently something wrong with the break pad on the front wheel so that will prevent any future rides for the time being. Sunday (today) was also another lazy day of planning lessons and doing some laundry. I also must guiltily add that I had two Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes this weekend. The first one B surprised me with after school on Friday, and the second one was a reward for the chilly bike ride. The shortage of pumpkin pie filling has prevented me from making anymore homemade ones so Starbucks may be seeing more of me over the next few weeks. Well I'm off to fold the last batch of laundry. Goodnight!

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  1. I fully support your pumpkin latte consumption :) I still want to attempt making something with real pumpkins!



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