My Chair.

A few summers ago I purchased a chair at Goodwill for $1. Yes one dollar. How could you pass that up? It was not the prettiest thing as you can see in the "before" picture...

I painted the wood part black, but then the summer flew by and I never got a chance to recover the cushions. Well a few years passed and I finally decided to cover the cushions. The chair now sits in our living room and has worked out nicely for extra seating. It was nice to finally have this project done. I know it took way too long to accomplish this but things always get busy it seems. I am rather proud of my one dollar chair now.

BEFORE                              AFTER               

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  1. Britta-I love the fabric! Can't wait to sit in it :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!! I absolutely LOVE your new chair!! It's beautiful! :)



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