Thrifty finds

Some friends and I "discovered" a thrift store downtown this last weekend, and after completing some everyday errands (post office, getting finger printed*, getting substitute applications, a stop for some coffee, etc.) we did some more thrifting.

*We had to get finger printed for teacher licensing...not as intriguing as you thought, ha.

Here are some of my finds:

I am currently working on last minute packing for our Christmas/New Year's Vacation. For some reason I seem to stretch this process out so it takes as long as possible. My suitcase is getting fuller and fuller ;) Ben and I have this lovely deal where I use the large suitcase to pack and he uses the smaller one....and here is the lovely part. He pulls around my large suitcase and I get to handle his through the airport. Such a sweet husband I have, don't you agree?  :)

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