A Sister Date.

My sister and I had a date tonight.

We planned on perhaps a little Spicy Pie...and coffee.  make that a pastry shop for sandwiches and coffee/tea.
(Spicy Pie is a pizza place fyi)

Then a stop at Hobby Lobby and where ever else the crisp wind blows us.

My to do list is stacking up before Christmas gets here. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, but there are still a few things I need to pick up and wrap.

There are also a few sewing projects I would like to work on as well.

I also have plans for creating bookmarks for my students as a little good-bye gift.

I will miss them. More than I was expecting to in the beginning. It's easy to get attached to charismatic and gregarious fifth graders.

I am excited about my bookmark project. It is simple...which is completely necessary when it requires me to make 22 of them.

Again pictures soon when the lighting cooperates. (It is hard to get my photos taken before the sun goes below the horizon.

So for now, ONE photo of my lovely evening.

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