Here I Am!

Wow. Where did the week go?

I was just watching a news story this morning that showed how this woman had decorated her entire house for Christmas. I am not talking about the usual stockings, Christmas tree, and wreath...every single inch was covered with Christmas decor. They start decorating in October, and after Christmas is takes five weeks to put everything away. Just thinking about this story has caused me to realize two things.
1.) I would feel claustrophobic in that house. Seriously, I can handle a little clutter, but all those Christmas figurines would smoother me.

2.) It is amazing how Christmas decorations (in moderation) suddenly make any room feel more cozy.

I was browsing through blogs and etsy to get a little inspiration for my own Christmas decorating...

I will put up some photographs of my own Christmas Decorating as soon as I get my camera back...I didn't realize I feel so helpless without it.

So my promises are the following...

more photographs
more posts

as long as I have....

more time ;)

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