DIY Felt Bookmarks

DIY Felt Bookmarks

What you need:
  • different colors of Stiffened felt ( Not the flimsy felt, but the felt that comes pre-stiffened...I found it at a Hobby Lobby at 79 cents a sheet)
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
(pretty simple so far, right?)

Step One
trace circles with a small round object

Step Two
cut out circles 

Step Three
arrange circles how you want to sew them 

Step Four
Choose an interesting stitch

Step Five
start stitching at one end of the first circle 

Step six
Before you get to the end of the first circle slip the second circle underneath so that they overlap.

Step Seven
keep stitching over overlap 

Step Eight
Add third circle 

Step Nine
Add fourth circle and then stop at edge. Make sure you leave the thread long enough at the beginning and end so that you can tie a little knot at each end. 

Step Ten
Wala! You are done! 


  1. I love those!! I need like 10 for all my school books, and other misc. books I'm reading :D haha Your little kids are going to LOVE them :)

  2. Really cute Britta! I am sure the kids loved them :)



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