What 1:00am feels like.

I haven't been up this late in awhile. This is what happens, however, when you take a long afternoon and drink coffee with a friend at 9:00pm.

I feel like I accomplished quite a bit...

Besides my nap....

I had my exit interview for the teaching program at 8:30

Heated up leftover pasta for lunch with Ben

Took a nap on the couch

Cleaned up the apartment (well half of it)

Made a trip to walmart before the winter storm swept in

Finally hooked up my Christmas lights outside

Made some rustic cake truffles with Ellie....we had quite the time with them. Not too pretty, but if you had the "rustic" title in front it makes you think the rough look is intentional. Let's just say we are novice almond bark users. Bekah we needed you.

Next, I wrote out a few Christmas cards

and now I am going to bed after I read for a bit.


1 comment:

  1. Wish I could have helped! Or at least observed :)



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