Hurried Thoughts

Okay a few random thoughts on my mind...

Tazo Orange Tea is saving my throat....

I have rediscovered raisins. So good.

I need to survive tomorrow and then the rest of the week will allow for breathing time.

Christmas Cards ordered. check.

Does malt o'meal qualify as a dinner? hope so.

It is snowing right now...and blowing....brrr.

Homemade chocolate croissants are difficult to make and overrated. (sorry ladies...I threw the rest of them away this morning)

I am convinced some students don't want to understand fractions and yet are fascinated by the origins of the name of the country Hungary and how the liberty bell was cracked. I can't blame them. I'd rather learn about history too. Oh but just...tomorrow fractions are getting FUN! ;)

I will get to bed before ten.

So Goodnight.

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