Growing up.

Spending time at the home I grew up in has inspired me to share some of these old photos I have from years ago. In the following photos you will notice a few key things.

1. Usually someone was not happy to be in the picture

2. I did have a boy's bowl cut when I was younger and so I look a lot like my brothers at times.

3. There are four kids in our family: My older brother Josh, then me, then my sister Beth, and lastly my younger brother Jordan.

4. Yes, Jordan has a hair clip in his hair below. 

Hope you had a few laughs at our expense and perhaps remembered a few of your own memories :)


  1. Britta, these are priceless! Thanks for sharing; you sure put a smile on my face :).

  2. Britta, you always find my favorite pictures. They sure were busy times but I loved every minute! Thanks for sharing, love you~MOM

  3. Still really love all of these photos!!!



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