Home and my Dog.

I am currently at my parents' home for the week. I took advantage of spring break too since the school district I work in doesn't have school the next few days.

I was put to work with painting my old bedroom as soon as I walked in the door.

I felt a little obligated since I was the one that painted the entire thing red back in high school.

It actually went pretty quick and looks nice and fresh. The color is pretty close to the one below.

We already have new bedding and curtains, but now we are looking for some new artwork for the wall. We spent sometime shopping for something today but were unable to find anything that worked. So...I think a trip to IKEA might be needed. oh darn ;)

I've also enjoyed spending time with all the pets in my family's household. I miss having a dog to curl up on the couch with. (I don't miss all that pet hair though). I even gave our Labrador a much needed bath. His name is Chaz, and I think I got more wet then he did.

Here is a picture of him below. In his element. (at the lake) Please kindly ignore his light blue feminine collar. He was always embarrassed by it...

He is getting to be quite an old dog, pushing 11 years pretty soon here.  He is sitting at my feet keeping them warm while I write this.

I am trying to accomplish many things while at home this weekend, and that includes giving up hours of manual labor to my sister's wedding plans. (I like the "doing" part of wedding plans and not any of the "worrying")

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and I will try to write more often these next few days.

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