My Man's Birthday

Today is a big day around here.

Why? you ask....

Well it just happens to be Benjamin's 23rd Birthday (about time if you ask me...I don't like being the "older woman" in our relationship haha)

23 reasons I fall more in love with Ben everyday.

1. He is almost always in a good mood, and handles any challenge with optimism.
2. He likes listening to music at all times of the day.
3. He usually is willing to try anything I bake/cook. Unless it contains vegetable chunks.
4. He is always willing to warm up my coffee in the microwave when I forget to drink it before it cools off.
5. He actually enjoys vacuuming. (how lucky am I!?)
6. His pet peeve is when I leave time left on the microwave so he can't see clock as it scrolls "press start"
7. He has kindly allowed my sewing and crafting stuff to take over a good chunk of our bedroom.
8. He patiently and graciously puts up with my random moodiness and tears.
9. He has learned how to use our coffee maker finally...so that he can make me coffee on occasion (he doesn't drink it very often and our coffee maker is a little complicated to inexperienced coffee makers)
10. His smile.
11. When he hugs me in his arms and refuses to let go until he is ready to
12. His competitiveness. Boardgames get intense with the two of us...just ask our family.
13. His willingness to encourage me in all my dreams and aspirations in life.
14. He lets me watch a chick flick with him every once in awhile
15. The way he reaches out to hold my hand even when we are only walking down the stairs of our apartment.
16. The easy way he laughs.
17. How he always makes sure to call me and text me while at work when our schedules don't allow us to see one another.
18. How he makes me feel beautiful even when I know I'm a scrub at times ;)
19. His unselfishness.
20. The way he never even mentions my books stacked up on our coffee table, sewing projects lying across our kitchen table and coffee mugs left just about everywhere I would think to place them and then forget.
21. The way he has to pace around the apartment, in and out of all three rooms, while he talks on the phone to anyone.
22. He is never afraid to dance.
23. He never hesitates to show his love for me, and for that I am truly grateful. 

Happy Birthday Ben. I love you!


  1. So sweet :) Hope he had a great day and that the ice cream cake was delicious!!

  2. Ahh that is so sweet! He is an awesome young man and so perfect for you! Glad you two got to spend the day together. Love you both!



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