Your timing is off

The first day of spring was a few days ago, and just the thought of warmer weather caused happiness in our household. While doing some grocery shopping we wandered through the outdoor/garden department, so I wishfully picked up some planting supplies so that I could start a few seedlings before the warmer weather arrives.

We only have a small patio for growing so I was very limited as to what I can actually grow, but we decided on some tomatoes and red peppers since those are two of the more commonly used vegetables in our kitchen. I also planted some oregano, rosemary, and chives. Here are some over exposed photos of the process. (I was too lazy to change the exposure because my hands were covered with dirt)

Now here is where the poor timing comes in.

There is currently a snowstorm barreling our way. Right now it is only sleeting a bit, but from the look of the local forecast we could get up to a foot of snow. Your appropriate response should be "are you kidding me?!". And no, I am not...but I wish I was. The snow is unwelcome especially when flooding is already such a risk. Snow storm warnings and flood warnings...





Lightning and Thunder too?! (not kidding at all)

Where is the sun?

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  1. You have such a great blog. I fell in love with it at first sight!

    Anyway, this is a wonderful idea. I want to plant a mini garden too.



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