Words and Photographs

This post will be a mix of everything. Some stories and some photographs that I have been meaning to post for awhile.

First off, I've been working on some random sewing, fabric, and yarn products. It has been nice to have my evenings free for things such as this. No more homework for this college graduate.

An indie craft fair with my dear friend Ellie (she purchased the hat she was wearing there). We then found ourselves walking over to a nearby coffee shop so of course we spent some time, and money, there.

Oh and yes, then there was the opening of Dairy Queen. It was cold and hardly worth the ice cream, but we went anyway. (any only complained a little)

Next comes another big event....the opportunity to wear a dress for the first time this um...spring?! (It is still very much winter now, but for a few days it was warmer) Of course there were tall boots and tights involved but it's still a step in the right direction. aka. summer.

And now for some homemade caramel macchiatos. yum. I tend to bribe Ellie to come out in the cold weather to my place with these.

Some more good eats at a downtown Chinese buffet. We went with Ben's dad and sister and all left unreasonably full. I dislike buffets for that reason. I don't really want the option to NOT stop eating, also I don't really get my money's worth compared to Ben... 

Okay well that's about all I have in me for tonight...

Subbing in a Family Consumer Science class tomorrow. Hopefully my domestic side will be up for it. I only managed to heat up last night's leftovers for dinner today. 

One more thing. Remember about a few months ago when I promised a picture of that giant pizza? Well if you don't, ignore this. If you do...consider this my belated fulfillment of that promise.

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  1. Looking at these pictures makes me miss you and your craftiness. Hope the Family and Consumer science class went well! :) Be prepared for some Tanzanian coffee and possible African cloth when I return!



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