Honeymoon Part II

Here is part II as promised. We had such an amazing time on our Honeymoon, and it was definitely nice to relax after a busy summer of wedding plans. The trip was a wedding gift from my parents, and we definitely felt blessed to have the chance to relax in such a beautiful place. 

Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how much I love summer and all that it brings. This is fresh in my mind at the moment because it may snow here this weekend. I am in denial, and will believe it when I see the white stuff falling out of the sky. If I choose not to look out my window that day it won't happen either then, right? 


  1. Beautiful! There is snow in our forecast, too. Totally sucks. I would love to be sitting in once of those green cushioned chairs right now!

  2. Maybe we will all go someday and see WHALES!!! Woooo



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