Create Week 2: Yo-Yo Table Runner

Week two is complete. Well I truly did finish this project this weekend, but it took me awhile to get around to photographing it. Now I am already halfway through this week and no project started. Umm...I may have to skip a week so that I don't make this new goal one I regret. I will be flexible. Anyway, back to my project...

This was a rather tedious project, but it was easy to do it in pieces throughout the week. I would finish a "yo-yo" in a few minutes while watching tv or something like that. Splitting it up throughout the day made it less monotonous. I think that the end product is fun and colorful for spring. I had my doubts and actually thought about not finishing it, but now I am glad I did. I even got a compliment from Ben, so the fact that he noticed our new table decor must mean it is at least half way decent. (by the way... the mums in the pictures are from Ben)

Overall, it was really easy to make. The actual tutorial came from a sewing calendar I have, but I found the website where it came from as well. 


  1. It is cute! Would be a fun project I could work on during the long drive to the cabin...hmmm, just need some cute fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i LOVE this!! thank you for sharing!!




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