One Thursday afternoon: the simple things

The day started out with some rain, which meant no "outside recess" for the classroom I taught in today. They could have used some fresh air and a chance to run around. I could have used it too. But the rain did show up,  so we got through a whole day stuck inside...but by the time I left for the day all the puddles were already drying up. I opened up the windows to let in some much needed fresh air and took a few photos to prove to you (and myself) that it finally is spring.

Our little bistro set we carried up from the garage. I can't wait to sit out here on warm summer evenings. 

My little seedlings are growing!

Here are a few pots that are just waiting to hold the herbs that are for now still surviving indoors. It will be awhile before they can survive the cool nights. 

Quilts folded up, but not quite packed away...

and some simple baking (if you can even call it that) You can't go wrong with a simple rice krispie bar sometimes. 

any lastly, iced coffee. perfection.


  1. looks and sounds like a pleasant day...besides the rain bit :)

  2. This weather is so wonderful. I love the sprinkles on the krispie bars :) I need to get my seeds started! Have a wonderful weekend~we will be close at the cabin.

  3. Oh yum- its certainly time for an iced coffee break for me after seeing that photo!



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