It's Friday People!

Let's celebrate!

It's Friday after a week that felt like Friday was never going to come for awhile.

I spent today in the land of 2nd grade, which is a land of high moments where you are convinced that you could in fact enjoy teaching this age every day, and lows where you think the kid running around with the large scissors is actually going to cut his classmate's hair off.

*He yells out "April Fools!" while I nervously laugh and walk quickly across the room to reclaim the scissors.

And then there is the student that leaves a sweet note on the desk waiting for me. It is nice to be appreciated, and even better when I get to claim things such as being "kined, nigtes, and wountherful"  (kind, nice, and wonderful I'm guessing?)

Oh and did you know that the word "Statue" is a very difficult word to spell in the mind of a 2nd grader...
Let me give you a few creative examples pulled from spelling tests.

and lastly... Stachtovve.

Maybe these were more humorous to me than they are to others, but I couldn't help but smile when I read them. You must admit, some of them are pretty inventive spellers.

I hope everyone is having a wountherful Friday!

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