Is it really happening?

So today we are taking one more step towards our SEATTLE road trip...!

The first few steps consisted of convincing everyone that yes we could in fact do it, and yes it will actually happen this time. 
(History has shown that with this group of friends we rarely follow through on "big plans") For instance, we were all planning on going to Europe for spring break last year but of course that never happened. In my defense Ben and I were not engaged at the time, and so once that happened we realized we didn't have money to spend on such a big trip if we planned on a big wedding. Even with our engagement though, chances are we would not have went, but this time it is different.

 Yes driving to Seattle is not nearly as big as flying over to Germany, but it is a step in the right direction for our planning challenges. To prove how serious we are about this trip you should know that Ben actually put in for his vacation time for the week we are planning. Oh wait it gets better... today we are beginning to look at hotels in Seattle for our stay. This process makes me wonder how people ever made plans before you could look up lodging on the internet. It was probably a little easier though when you didn't have to deal with all the different travel websites and user reviews, etc. You simply called up the hotel and made a reservation and hoped the bedding was clean. (ha I say this like I know what I'm talking about, which I don't)

Anyone know of any decent hotels in the Seattle area? Nothing too fancy, and nothing to run-down...

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