Oh the weekend!


Random Thoughts Before Heading to Bed:

Our grill is out on our patio, and has been used a total of three times in two days. 

My plants are still being harbored indoors since it still drops too low at night.

There is a whisper of snow occurring on Sunday, but I doubt it will happen. If it does snow, it won't stay on the ground long. 

Yesterday Ben and spent a few hours at a local park. It was wonderful to feel the sunshine on my face. The park was teeming with activity. A high school tennis meet, frisbee golfing, mothers pushing strollers...
We had planned on going rollerblading but I must have left my rollerblades back at my parents' house because they were nowhere to be found in our apartment or garage. We decided a walk would serve our purpose of being outside just as well. 

Then we grilled some asparagus and steak and had a lovely dinner with Ellie. Lastly, we decided we should probably end our perfect spring day with a trip to the local Dairy Queen. Last time we went was on opening day, so it was nice to not be shivering while waiting to order our treats. 

Well I'm off to bed... it is almost 2am. oops.

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