Away we go.

I am off to a weekend full of hot coffee, a cozy fireplace, my husband, parents, and the little brother home from his first year of college, evening pontoon rides over a smooth lake, dogs to snuggle with they shed all over me, yummy food, board games, reading a good book, and relaxation.

This weather forecast isn't looking too warm, but perhaps I will get to do a little reading our in the sunshine.

Maybe the first roasted marshmallow for the season?

I hope each of you get to have an equally delicious weekend.


  1. Ah, sounds delightful!!! See you soon. Making out the menu now~
    Love you, Mom

  2. It was a delightful weekend. Chilly but we got to learn a few new games and visit. Thanks for spending the weekend with us and talking Jordie into joining us. ~Love ya, Mom



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