Sunshine Celebration

A few days ago. Well Saturday to be exact...

The day was filled of the promise that yes Summer would be here.

It was warm without being too hot.

It was breezy without being windy,

I had a blanket, a book or two, a friend, and an iced dark chocolate mocha.

I wore a skirt so that me white legs could see the sunshine, and it was wonderful. I must admit very little reading was done, but it was lovely to have a conversation with one of my favorite people instead.

We spent an hour or two outside before saying goodbye to the park for only a few hours so that I could run with the husband to home depot for some gardening supplies.

Afterwards we found ourselves back at the same park but this time equipped with everything needed to play "Speedminton"...I think that is what it was called. It is kind of like badminton, but faster, ha.

Ben had to pick up some rope and stakes to create our court. We entertained ourselves with this game for the rest of the evening. I was horrible at it, Ben was a little better. I'll let the other players decide on their own skill level ;)

We then all headed back to our apartment to have the quintessential summer meal.

Grilled hotdogs
Fresh watermelon (and grapes)
Sour cream and cheddar chips

The entire city must have had the same idea because everywhere we went they were sold out of hotdog buns.   We used hamburger buns instead. It worked out just fine.

I am so grateful for that wonderful day.

So much so that I don't even mind that it has been cool and rainy since then.

Thunderstorms have their appeal too :) 

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