Porch Citrus

Oh sweet summer...

Fresh citrus tastes the best while outside on a porch (at least in my opinion).

I had a lovely morning bagel & coffee date with a friend this morning. We had been planning this bagel date ever since we discovered that we both have a love of bagels and cream cheese. (healthy, right?) So we knew we had to meet up and share in the delights of our delicious weakness. I had a cinnamon burst bagel with regular cream cheese, and she had a blueberry one with some type of fruity cream cheese. Apparently I was too absorbed in eating mine to pay attention to what she was eating.

Speaking of delicious things though I am going to attempt to make a simple little treat when I am done with this post. I will share more with you tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up though, it truly is not that creative. 

I also picked up a new tomato plant at a little grocery store nursery nearby because sadly to say one of my plants seems to not have handled the transition to outdoors. Oh well, what can you do? I am determined to have some fresh produce at my fingertips this summer.
Homemade salsa anyone?

Okay I need to get back to my list of chores, because..


Eeek! It came up so fast, and I need to have clean laundry to pack. 

Hope the sun is shining where you are! Happy Thursday!

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