Dear Daylight Savings Time,

Thank you for letting me sleep in one extra hour tomorrow. I promise to make good use of that sleep. I am also excited to have a little sunshine before I head to school in the mornings (even though it will be short lived with winter coming). However, with one less hour of daylight in the evenings I will have to challenge myself to be productive with the time I have.

Things I wish I could do everyday

-Read a book
-Coffee with a friend
-Make something/Sew something, etc.
-Try a new recipe 
-Get all the laundry and cleaning done
-Scrapbook! (I am years behind, ugh)
-Take more naps ( I have forgotten how wonderful they are)
-Have more/longer quiet times

Okay so there is my "wish list" for my lack of spare time :)

Hope everyone enjoys their extra hour of sleep!


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