Today was a busy day, but a good day.

After school I rushed out the door as my students waved to me from their bus windows. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they are still excited to see you even after they have spent the last 6 hours with you.

I then rushed off to campus to buy my cap and gown (whoop) and then get the teaching license application for substituting next semester. I also attempted to change my name with the records office but I needed to have my social security card. I knew I just had to get it done when I had time to be on campus before all the offices close down. (It is hard to get errands done when everything closes at 4 on campus)....so I rushed home grabbed by ss card, and then spontaneously decided to grab all my work so that I could spend a few hours working at a coffee shop afterwards.

So here I find myself at Starbucks. It was meant to be....why? you ask.....? well they have just reintroduced their peppermint mocha. I know I say I love the pumpkin spice latte (which is what I planned on ordering originally) but as my eyes spotted the sign that said "The wait is finally over, the peppermint mocha is back...."  I forgot all about my previous plans, and "A peppermint mocha please, with skim milk" just slipped right out of my lips. It is/was delicious. Something about it makes me not mind that it will probably be thirty degrees below zero any day now, ha. Let's hope not.

Last night B and I had a lovely dinner with the Morberg's (Lee and Sara). Sara was my roommate for a few months before she was married to Lee. Sara made some lovely enchiladas and we had some french silk pie for dessert...yum. 

Game Time
The night before (so Tuesday) a few friends came over and we made some appetizers and played an intense game of dominoes. I say intense because Ellie was a little upset when I schooled her ;) Only kidding Ellie dear....(but I really did beat her). Here are some pics from that night. Enjoy!

Chicken Salad Wraps

Pesto & Tomato Crackers

To check off my list (since coming to Starbucks) 22 students X 10 Math study links = 220 items corrected.
Lesson Learned: Don't let studylinks stack up.

Have a Lovely Evening



  1. 1. "Schooled" is a rather strong word.
    2. They were more like "chicken spread/cat food" lettuce wraps
    3. Thank you for showing your winning domino sequence. Without my taking a turn for you and starting your train, you would still have that many dominoes in front of you. You're welcome.

  2. I succumbed to the peppermint mocha too...I felt as though I was betraying the pumpkin latte, but it's time.



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