12 Hour School Day

Conferences today.

It made for a long day. And unfortunately I have saved a large amount of homework to finish up tonight so it will end up being a long night. I keep telling myself it's a short week. A Short Week. Only get to Wednesday. I can do it. Yes. Positive thinking.

Haha Yes.

Other positive thoughts for you.

1. It is November and I can still get away with not wearing a coat most days. It's incredible.

2. My sister's soccer team is going to Nationals. GO COBBERS! (shhhh- don't tell anyone I am cheering for them)

3. I am planning a lesson on the illustrations from the book, "The Mystery of Harris Burdick". The book is made up on illustrations that are given a title and a single caption. They truly spur one's imagination. I have included a few examples below.

 Legend has it that Burdick was interested in having some of his short stories published, so he met with a Publisher to give him the illustrations with captions from his stories in hopes the Publisher would be interested. After giving the illustrations a look, the Publisher tried to get a hold of Burdick for more information, but he never heard back because Burdick had disappeared without a trace!
"He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late."


   "The fifth one ended up in France."

"It all began when someone left the window open."

Okay back to work. Goodnight people :)

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