Happy Friday!!
(actually by the time I post this it will probably be technically Saturday)

Random facts:

The flowers above are from Benjamin...for our 5 month anniversary. A nice pop of color to brighten up winter. 

It is 4 degrees here right now.

My new brakes have worked wonderfully on the  terrible roads.

We went out for Pizza tonight with Zach. We shared a HUGE pizza. It was seriously very large...I promise I am not making it up. I have a picture to prove it but I am too tired to upload it. Tomorrow. Or the next day...Or Monday. (kidding) I will do it tomorrow.

We also came home and made delicious turtle brownie fudge sundaes. Ugh. So full.

I am terrible at Mario Party. I am only good at about three games, and Ben is good at the other 100

I searched and searched for my old ipod to let Zach use. No such luck. But I did find $10 and a target gift card!

I went to Gap today and purchased a suit for future interviews....maybe I will post pictures later. 

I am also busy planning a bridal shower for my sister. Top Secret plans for now ;)

See it's already 12:06...

Okay, Goodnight!

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