Looking to Organize

Our apartment has a nice little desk area built in to our living room. This space kind of became our last unfinished project when we grew sick of the moving in process this summer. It looks about the same as it did months ago except for the addition of a 2011 calendar. I want to find a few solutions to make the area more organized and practical...and if it comes out better looking than it is now I surely won't complain. I guess I am holding on to the idea that making the area cute will suddenly make filing papers and writing out bills more enjoyable. Here are some photos I've found that will have me searching for some clipboards tomorrow. I only have room for three above the desk but I'm thinking they would also work great with my crafting area (another work in progress).


P.S. Vacation photographs are coming...soon.

1 comment:

  1. I did the clipboards in my room and really like it. Let me know where you find them if you do, because I found my at Hobby Lobby but there are none of those around here!



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