Okay. So this will be brief.

We returned from the cabin on Sunday evening but I won't share too much about that right now because I have high hopes of uploading all those photographs and sharing about the weekend then. All you need to know is that many board games were played, some quilts were sewn, and there was not a lack of food.

In other news, I have begun substitute teaching this week. I was in a second grade classroom yesterday and I am actually going back again today. I figured I might as well go back to a room that I am somewhat familiar with. It was a pretty good day overall, but I'm not sure if I can see myself in a second grade classroom in the future.

I also managed to smash my knee against the desk at school so I was feeling pretty old by the time I got home and found an ice pack to lessen the bruise that formed. This morning it is feeling much better.

Ben also surprised me with some flowers and a date last night to celebrate my beginnings as a substitute. Some beautiful yellow daisies and dinner at my favorite restaurant. We don't go out to eat much these days so it was a nice surprise. We had planned on going out to a movie too (another big deal haha) but after I got my job for today we decided to just rent a movie and watch it at home so I wouldn't be up so late.

We had a little laugh about the ending of our big night on the town because it ended with a romantic trip to walmart to pick up food for my lunches and toilet paper. So glamorous aren't we?

Going to bed early instead of going to a movie theater.

Ending our date night with a walmart toilet paper run.

Icing my knee while watching a rented movie.

Maybe we really are adults now. Ha.

Well I need to finish my coffee so I am ready to tackle the day. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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