Thoughts on the weather.

Sometimes I wonder why I live somewhere so cold. It has been snowing off and on for the last two weeks. I don't even bother with reading/watching the weather because I can tell you what it will be like. Cold. Windy. Snow.

Now I realize that this sounds like a complaint, and in some (okay many) ways it is. I am just astounded at how quickly I forget what winter can be like in the city that I now call home. The summer months seem to have a way of convincing you that winter can't be that bad, it cannot possibly get that cold.

 It's a lie though. It does get that cold, year after year. I realize other parts of the state experience the same cold, but what makes it so different here is one thing...wind.

{Definition of Wind. air moving (sometimes with considerable force)
 from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure} 

Some days it makes you regret even leaving your front door. At least your frozen car feels warm even before turning the key in the ignition simply because you are saved from the wind getting inside.

That wind that makes any layer you put on feel like a rag.

That wind that makes it a sudden emergency that you get inside the door NOW.

It makes you run everywhere, one door to another. There are no glamorous walks in the snow these days, because instead I am concentrating on shuffling as fast as I can...shuffling is more realistic than running when I am wearing my unprepared footwear. On a side note, how/why do girls wear high heals in the winter? PUT SOME BOOTS ON! 

Thankfully my car does have heat, but unfortunately it doesn't get a chance to warm up until I have reached my destination. I once shared with Ben half seriously/half jokingly that I have to concentrate on not biting my tongue off while driving home from work because my teeth are chattering so violently. He laughed and said I was exaggerating. I wasn't. Ha.

The coldness does have its benefits.

Hot coffee tastes better.

And hanging around in sweatpants suddenly becomes more acceptable. AND if conversation fails when with your friends you can always complain about the weather, although this is usually a more appropriate topic while running to your destination from the car.

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