Day One: Christmas Eve

We actually got to Miami the day before but I seemed to have never pulled out my camera so we will start on this day. We stayed the night in Miami and then boarded the ship in the afternoon.
Josh and Jen attempting to fit a "suitcase into a suitcase". Their bag was abused by the airlines so all the handles were broken off. They wanted to try and fix it when they returned home so we placed their suitcase inside of another suitcase that the airline gave us in replace of another bag that was ruined.

Ben trying to get everyone on the move (It takes some patience to get ten people ready and moving at the same time)

Oh the lovely blue water! 

Looking outside of Mom and Dad's balcony.

More coming...Day Two!

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  1. Great photos Britta! Thanks for sharing! You've inspired me to break the vacation up into "days" to share too; one big post seemed overwhelming :). Hope you have a great week; Love you!



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