2 Months later...

Today marks our two month anniversary ;) I can't believe that the wedding was two months ago already. Time has flown by so fast, but we have been enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately we hardly get to see each other today since Ben work until late, but he more than made up for it with a sweet note and flowers and even better yet....ice cream. How did I get so lucky with marrying such a smart man?! I am saving my ice cream for later in the evening but that is about all my self will can handle. I knew I should probably eat dinner before diving in to dessert.

Speaking of dessert I got my passport picture back today and thanks to a lovely shadow.....(and my double chin), it appears that I have a double chin in the photo. The woman who took the picture was shorter than I so it was taken at a bad angle (at least I am telling myself that). I would scan the photos to show you but I am feeling much to lazy for that-so you will have to just imagine it. I am certainly not paying the $8.99 to have them taken again, and for those of you that have seen my "cave woman hair" in my license photograph you know that I have no problem putting up with embarrassing forms of identification. Word of advice: don't wear a shirt color that matches you hair color in a picture taken in a dark room.

Okay....dinner needs to be made. Then, some ice cream.

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  1. Happy 2 month anniversary sweetie!! Love and miss you both!!



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